MAAS x Adjust | Webinar | Diversifying India's FinTech Space: What it means for New-age apps to acquire customers

India's FinTech space has taken huge strides in the last few years and put the country on the global digital finance map. With mobile-first behaviors emerging during the pandemic many people got more comfortable using finance apps, making the space more mature. There are plenty of opportunities and we are just scratching the surface of a very exciting FinTech future!

MAAS Platform in collaboration with Adjust brings to you an interactive webinar "Diversifying India's FinTech Space: What it means for New-age apps to acquire customers" featuring field experts from Flint Money,, GroupMAdjust and MAAS Platform to answer some of your most frequently asked queries on diversifying FinTech space in India.

When PayTM, GooglePay, Phone Pe were just starting out - it was pretty cool to just pay for things with your phone. No need for a wallet. Today, it is more than common to see digital payments all around us. But, the average Indian user has evolved to have a deeper understanding of what they can do with the FinTech apps on their phones. Whether it is taking loans, investing, taking insurance, and more there's plenty that a phone app can do for your finance needs today. And that's where our experts come in.

The webinar covers talking points around :
  • How FinTech Apps are Changing the Financial Understanding of Youth
  • Trends and User Behavior in the pre and post-pandemic FinTech world
  • Top performing channels for FinTech User Acquisition
  • Challenges for new user acquisition and retargeting in the FinTech space
  • Marketing strategies to adopt during an economic slowdown
Watch this exciting conversation with our experts who will unravel the overall Indian FinTech ecosystem and discuss the striking new user behaviors, user acquisition in this space, and what is the future of the apps amidst the changing political, economic and regulatory environment.