Jiving to the LATAM Mobile UA Mamba: - MAAS Platform Tracing the Top Performing South American FinTech & eCommerce Mobile Marketing Campaigns - 2022

Latin America is forecasted to have a 73% smartphone penetration by 2025. In the countries of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and others, mobile is fast becoming the user’s landline, bank, entertainment setup, and much more. In the light of this rapid penetration of smartphones in every corner, FinTech and eCommerce are booming in the region.

In this short report, MAAS traces the growth of the FinTech & eCommerce verticals in FY2022-23 to give a pictorial overview of how mobile marketing campaigns are performing for popular sub-segments. Additionally, the report gives insights to app marketers in the region on framing realistic conversion goals with tips from field experts.