MAAS X Adjust | Getting the Most Out of Your Cricket Season Campaigns - Webinar

Hello there, visitor! Thank you for your interest in the Fireside Chat "Getting the most out of your Cricket Season Campaigns" hosted by MAAS in partnership with Adjust.

In this Fireside Chat, our experts Sushant Tomar, Senior Director - MAAS India and Mathew Raju, Customer Success Manager - Adjust India & Southeast Asia, will unpack the motivations and reasons behind the big changes to help you stay ahead of the game.

In the ever-evolving gaming landscape, marketers across different verticals like Real Money Gaming, Food & Delivery, and OTT Players have to keep a close tab on the Cricket Season to yield substantial returns on their campaigns.

What's in store for you?

  • Importance of mapping User Journey within the App post Install
  • Pressure points in the last leg of the campaign
  • Key changes in brand sponsorship and viewership
  • Customer lifetime value and post-campaign analysis
  • Common mistakes in Cricket Season Campaigns and their resolution
  • Power of Automation to stay on top of your campaigns
  • Best Practices for Cricket Season Campaigns next year

Check out the full session to get a deeper understanding of the user journey within the app post install, which is a crucial part of app strategy. The session also delves into the current industry landscape, as well as some of the pressure points and tips for app marketers to thrive in 2022.