MAAS x AppTweak | Webinar | The changing face of festive season 2022

Hello there, visitor! Thank you for your interest in the digital-only festive season app marketing-focused Webinar "The changing face of festive season 2022" hosted by MAAS in partnership with AppTweak.

In this Webinar, our growth and digital marketing masters, Akshay Salaria from Tata Neu, Soumya Kant from, Karan Lakhwani from AppTweak, and Nishant Malik from MAAS Platform will provide you with a holistic approach to driving conversions to your app by covering important topics on growth and user acquisition.

Whether you’re just getting started with mobile marketing or you’re an expert, this Webinar will offer plenty of knowledge and new insights that will help you stay ahead of the game with unbeatable app marketing strategies for the changing face of this festive season!

In this insightful session, you will explore:
- Festivities in the post-pandemic world
- Key verticals of Growth this festive season
- Connecting online and offline consumers
- Challenges and Channels of acquisition

Check out the full session to get a deeper understanding of growth and user acquisition, which is a crucial part of app marketing strategy.