OneCard Case Study

Indian FinTech leader, OneCard leverages MAAS platform’s AI-led user acquisition boosting full-funnel conversions

OneCard, a prominent fintech company in India, embarked on a mission to supercharge registrations for virtual card activation, among urban, professional individuals and turn them into high-LTV users. 

MAAS platform worked with the OneCard team closely to identify the right audience segments with AI-led audience recommendations from our proprietary mDMP data of 1.8 billion connected devices. Based on online personas, behavior patterns, and geographical location, MAAS employed a holistic strategy to maximize high quality acquisitions.

Using multichannel campaign diversification & keyword-based targeting with our Apple Search Ads campaign management solution, Newton, the team could deliver stupendous results at each stage of the conversion funnel.

Download the full case study to unlock the secrets behind OneCard's success!

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