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OneScore Boosts Conversions by 117% on MAAS Platform



Leading investment FinTech app, OneScore approached the MAAS platform with a unique challenge to scale among high cibil score users. With full-funnel optimization and data-led mobile marketing, the MAAS platform helped OneScore by :
  1. Creating AI/ML-based audience cohorts for quality targeting.
  2. Leveraged mAmplify's programmatic-led channel bouquet to maximize contextual conversion touchpoints.
  3. Continued real-time campaign optimization on granular levels to scale acquisition optimization on granular levels to scale acquisition.
And the results? MAAS Platform delivered a 117% Increase in conversions achieved through the Unified Audience Platform.
Download the case study to dive deeper into the strategies and optimization that went into each conversion stage, finally culminating into a stupendous achievement.

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