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MAAS Platform Powers Unmatched Growth for PolicyBazaar

Leading insurance aggregator, PolicyBazaar wanted to spearhead the efforts towards awareness and adoption of insurance. PolicyBazaar have been making insurance education & adoption easier for Indians since 2008. With their app, the brand wanted to appeal to the mobile-first digital users to make informed decisions about their financial well being and getting started to build a secure future.

In their mission of #HarFamilyHogiInsured, PolicyBazaar introduced different products targeted to specific demographics and wanted to drive customers to purchase these curated insurance plans. Hence, MAAS Platform became the partner of choice for the brand to drive an AI-led audience recommendation solution for high engagement and conversion.


1. Campaign Performance in App Store

- 1.7X Growth in impressions
- 1.3X Boost in installs

2. Overall Campaign Performance

- 3X Growth in users buying insurances
- 15% Conversion Ratio average maintained MoM

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