Reaching for the Moon and Stars: A Playbook for App Marketers as Ramadan 2022 Blends the Online and Offline

2022 is an exciting year for the global app market. Prior to the onslaught of COVID-19 two years ago, consumers weren't spending as much time on mobiles, as they are doing today.

These two years have created a new generation of consumers who are digitally empowered and do not shy away from demanding the best from the brands they want to associate with. Purchase decisions are made while browsing, chatting, or simply leisurely scrolling through the vast avenue of content available on mobile phones.

Ramadan 2022 is set to be the biggest annual festival that is going to teach app marketers important lessons on how to appeal to this digital-savvy customer base for the rest of the year and also in the near future. Team MAAS has been helping brands across several categories to make the most out of their Ramadan campaigns. In this playbook, we note down our observations of the past years and how this will shape app marketing trends for Ramadan 2022.

Playbook Highlights

  • Ramadan 2021 Campaign Report with observations on what will be the driving factors of success this year.
  • Data-oriented consumer trends that will dominate purchase decisions this year.
  • Market opportunities to understand how to diversify sales enablement campaigns.
  • A 360-degree mobile UA guide for live optimization of existing or new Ramadan campaigns.
  • An exclusive case study of a leading FoodTech brand's special Ramadan campaign with MAAS