Webinar: Southeast Asia's Mobile Gaming Loadout

Building Blocks of a competitive mobile campaign strategy for market entrants

SEA's mobile gaming industry is booming in 2022. The ecosystem is competitive and yet new market entrants are regularly making news for committing to nurture the region's growing gaming talent.
Gaming app marketers are struggling to navigate the AdTech maze, to amplify their user acquisition while maintaining positive ROAS.
MAAS platform in collaboration with SocialPeta brings to you an interactive webinar featuring field experts from Gambir Studio, AGI Team, and Google to answer some of your most frequently asked queries on cracking the gaming market in Southeast Asia.
The event will cover talking points around :
  • The gaming UA market trend in SEA
  • Opportunities for app marketers looking to scale operations in the region
  • Challenges to keep in mind when making a mark in the regional market
  • Actionable insights into the developing user behaviors for FY23
  • Practical tips to adjust campaign strategy for new entrants and players looking to scale quality conversions
Watch Now to get tried-and-tested tips on making a mark in southeast Asia's gaming landscape.